What happened to the Portland "SlutWalk"? I thought this was going to be an annual thing. I've not seen any announcements for this wonderful cultural event.


Before I answer, I should mention that KMA has written in before under other noms de plume, and my best email-address triangulation suggests he's the weirdo who once dropped off a handmade step stool at the WW front desk, labeled "To Dr. Know," that I still find surprisingly handy to this day. So, um, thanks!

To bring the folks at home up to speed on SlutWalk: In 2011, a police officer named Michael Sanguinetti told a campus crowd in Toronto that female students "should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Everyone laughed politely, and then retired to the veranda for cucumber sandwiches.

Oops, my mistake—actually, Sanguinetti's comments went extravagantly viral as a near-perfect example of the victim-blaming culture surrounding sexual assault. SlutWalk was founded in response to these remarks: The "slutty" attire worn by marchers proudly asserts a woman's right to wear (or not wear) whatever she chooses without being shamed for it.

It's a cause I'm happy to publicize. That said, K, I'd feel a little better about answering your question if you hadn't sent me the same question last year. Twice.

Sure, maybe you're a committed feminist hoping to bring attention to a serious societal problem. On the other hand, you might also be that perv in a lawn chair next to the parade route with a tub of Vaseline and a poncho draped over his lap. (The fact that one of your previous letters was signed "Pop Eyeballs" doesn't exactly help your case.)

Thus, it with some unease that I tell you that, yes, SlutWalk Portland 2016 is Sunday, Sept. 18, starting at 2 pm in the Southwest Park Blocks at Salmon Street. The event's Facebook page has more details. Please feel welcome to show your support—just, y'know, don't be creepy, OK?