This weekend, a theater in Northwest will host a Q&A with Fred Armisen after a screening of the comedy Little Hours. 

The movie, released earlier this month, stars Aubrey Plaza, Alison Brie and Kate Micucci as Medieval nuns whose boredom with convent life leads them to a torrent of debauchery, copious swearing and aggressive sex. Armisen plays a bishop with a bowl haircut who shows up to meekly chastise the rouge nuns for their sins.

Little Hours is currently screening at Cinema 21, who are hosting the Q&A with Armisen after this Saturdays's 7 pm screening.

Little Hours is one of those comedy movies that's seemingly cast with as many sitcom actors as possible—along with the three lead actors and Armisen, Nick Offerman plays the master of the servant, played by Dave Franco, who runs away to the convent where he finds himself the subject of the three nun's increasingly aggressive sexual attention. John C. Reily and Molly Shannon run the convent, Lauren Weedman plays Offerman's wife, and Jemima Kirke from Girls makes a cameo.

WW hasn't seen the movie, but The AV Club gave it a B and it's doing pretty well on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to his Instagram, as well as Carrie Brownstein's, Armisen is in town filming the final season of Portlandia. In case you need help crafting some questions to ask Armisen this Friday, revisit the season 5 episode of Portlandia in which Dave and Kath devise the perfect question for a Paul Simon Q&A.

Cutest. #season8 #portlandia

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