In July, Portland lost one of the nation's oldest comedy clubs as Old Town's Harvey's closed after owner Barry Kolin suffered a heart attack. Kolin had announced that he would sell the club early this year, but the heart attack led to the decision to close Harvey's before he found a buyer.

The comedy club held its first shows under the new management last Saturday.

But one of the new owners has been arrested three times and convicted once of domestic violence.

Three weeks ago, the club was bought by former Harvey's manager Jeff Kafoury and Doug Peach, a former parole officer and president of a security company. In 2007, Peach was convicted of fourth degree assault of his then-girlfriend.

Douglas Peach
Douglas Peach

The details of the assault, as described in court documents and reported by The Oregonian, are horrifying:

According to an affidavit filed in support of Peach’s arrest, the victim went to Peach’s home with her 8-year-old son Saturday and got into an argument with Peach. The woman said she got upset after he told her he was with another woman. She told police she “kicked the shower door causing it to shatter.” … Peach took her son into another room then returned and started to “hit her and slap her and kick her and that he dragged her by her hair.” [H]er son heard her screams and left the room and saw Peach hitting and kicking his mother repeatedly. The boy told the officer his mother tried to escape, but he followed her and continued to assault her. The boy told police he yelled at Peach to stop.

Kafoury said he was unaware of Peach's assault conviction prior to WW's call.

"I'm really caught off guard," said Kafoury in a second phone call.

Peach did not respond to WW's requests for comment.