A few days after Katt Williams and his Emmy made an appearance at the Multnomah County Courthouse, the comedian will perform another pair of pop-up Portland shows.

Dante's announced today that Williams will perform two shows at the downtown rock club this Tuesday. Last Friday, Williams appeared at the courthouse in downtown Portland to schedule a trial date for an assault Williams was charged with before a show at Moda Center last month. Williams arrived at the courtroom brandishing the Emmy he won this year for a guest appearance  on the FX show Atlanta.

In October, Williams was was on his way to Moda Center when he allegedly punched his chauffeur, Wali Kanani, after Kanani wouldn't let Williams' German Shepherd ride in the front seat of Kanani's car. Williams was later arrested and charged with fourth degree assault.

Williams has plead not guilty to the charge, but told the Oregonian that he has been temporarily banned from the Portland airport, which has prevented him from returning to his home in Georgia. Williams has been stuck in Portland since his arrest, though he was permitted to drive to Compton to volunteer at a homeless shelter last week.

An order was issued Friday allowing the comedian to fly back to Georgia through the Portland airport, but he's sticking around for a few extra days in order to perform his surprise shows at Dante's. Apparently, being stuck here hasn't been all that bad.

"Portland has been 98% great for me," Williams told the Oregonian outside the courthouse. He also explained why he brought his Emmy: "Legally, we have to have the Emmy accounted for at all times. We're just trying to make sure we bring the Emmy to the places that matter."

Maybe, that will include Dante's.  You can buy tickets for Williams' shows here.