Portland, you have a bellowing, drunk man to thank for the brief return of one of your favorite former resident comics. JoAnn Schinderle will perform two live shows on Jan. 23 at Alberta Street Pub in order to re-record a set that was interrupted by a spectator.

Voted WW's Funniest Person in Portland in 2017, Schinderle—who has since moved to LA—is known for sets laced with period jokes. Last fall, she set out to record an album where every punchline involves menstruation. Turns out, one lame "Baby Boomer," as Schinderle describes him, couldn't handle 45 minutes of jokes about female bleeding.

"This dude sat right in front, basically on top of the audience mic, and grumbled the entire time," Schinderle says. "At one point he even stood up and offered to take his dick out to get some more testosterone in the room."

It ruined the audio, but rest assured that Schinderle shut the guy down and ruined his night. Determined not to let some random heckler deter her project, Schinderle is giving it a second (and third) try—just in case there are any other people out there who can't handle periods and need to publicly air their grievances. It also provides her with another opportunity to hold a drive for menstrual products that will be donated to those in need.

You can but tickets for Schinderle's rerecording of her Period Piece here.