Baby Face (1933)

This scandalous pre-code classic stars Barbara Stanwyck as a woman who doesn't just use sex to climb the social ladder—she's making her ascent the only way that she can after being abused for years by her father. The men she targets: powerful bankers. Surely that's not a coincidence in a Depression-era film. Hollywood, March 28.

Tank Girl (1995)

If Thelma & Louise were meshed with Mad Max: Fury Road, it might look something like Tank Girl. The year is 2033 and a tyrannical ruler has taken control of the water supply. A pair of outlaws, Tank Girl and Jet Girl, team up and kick some ass to a backdrop of mid-'90s alternative music while rocking chokers, baby tees and striped tube socks repurposed as arm warmers. Hollywood, March 29.

They Live (1988)

With conspiracy theories running rampant and economic inequality tearing society apart, this John Carpenter classic is more relevant today than when it debuted three decades ago. The late, great Rowdy Roddy Piper, in all of his bubble gum-chewing, punch-fest glory, is the hero we need right now. Academy, March 29-April 2.

Audition (1999)

A middle-aged widower is nudged back into the dating world in a very bizarre way—he agrees to a film producer's scheme to find a new wife by holding fake movie auditions. While it sounds like this story might end with a meet-cute moment, the movie goes to a very dark, disturbing place that might have you peeking through your fingers to make it through the ending. Hollywood, March 30.

Flash Gordon (1980)

The moon has suddenly veered off course, but NASA is acting surprisingly chill. Naturally, an old-school Tom Brady is tapped to save Earth from a bored despot on the planet Mongo. Come to think of it, we'd rather watch the quarterback stunt fight scene again instead of the Patriots winning another Super Bowl. Clinton, April 1.