By Mia Vicino

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

This workplace comedy stars Anne Hathaway as a mousy assistant saddled with a near-impossible task: sating the needs of a high-powered fashion magazine editor-in-chief (Meryl Streep). Every casually cruel line that flies out of Streep's perfectly lined lips is a classic, but nothing beats her iconic Cerulean Monologue. Hollywood, May 31.

Onibaba (1964)

Two women survive civil war in 14th-century Japan by killing samurai and selling their valuables, but when a male neighbor comes between them, one woman attempts to scare the other with a cursed mask—and the results are terrifying. Director Kaneto Shindô fearlessly blends atmospheric horror into exploitation drama, resulting in his magnum opus. 5th Avenue, May 31-June 2.

The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951)

Robert Wise's seminal sci-fi film centers on a mysterious alien and his robot pal who deliver an important message to a war-torn Earth: Be peaceful or be eliminated. Over 60 years later, we're still not sure what "klaatu barada nikto" means, but we know it sounds cool. Academy, May 31-June 4.

Basket Case (1982)

Centering on a man who decides to exact violent revenge on the doctor who separated him from the deformed conjoined twin he carries around in a wicker basket, this psychotronic B-horror flick pushes the enduring bond of fraternal love to the extreme. NW Film Center, June 2.

La La Land (2016)

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling play struggling artists who sing, dance and fall for each other in Damien Chazelle's almost Best Picture-winning musical rom-dramedy. Heavily inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, but with a touch more realism, La La Land is a wondrous love letter to the City of Stars. Clinton, June 3.