When the city's theaters went dark earlier this month due to concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus, everyone knew it would be a huge financial blow to artists and their companies.

Now we have a clearer picture of just how staggering those losses are.

The Regional Arts & Culture Council reports that cancellations of classes and performances in Multnomah County alone account for $46 million in losses so far. The nonprofit surveyed individuals and organizations throughout the state to measure the impact during March, April and May.

Most of the participating respondents—more than 900—are in Multnomah County. Artists based elsewhere have lost an additional $10 million at this point.

In a statement, RACC's executive director, Madison Cario, said the numbers illustrate how those working in the arts cannot "sustain continued financial and social disruptions."

In response to the crisis, the nonprofit's leaders are working with public and private funders to find ways to provide financial relief.