While local rep theaters are out of commission, we'll be putting together weekly watchlists of films readily available to stream. This week, we highlight a couple of the best films coming and going to various platforms as we transition from July to August. Time may not feel real these days, but that sure doesn't matter when it comes to movie licensing contracts.
My Own Private Idaho (1991)

An Oregon staple from Gus Van Sant, this loose adaptation of Shakespeare's Henry plays follows two gay street hustlers (Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix) as they turn tricks in Portland. The result is a simultaneously gritty and tender exploration of friendship, identity and unrequited love. Criterion Channel until July 31.

The Edge of Seventeen (2016)

Another Oregon-set coming-of-age film (though sadly not shot on location), this one by Kelly Fremon Craig in her remarkable directorial debut. Angsty teenager Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld) feels her life is upended when her best friend (Haley Lu Richardson) starts dating Nadine's older brother. Woody Harrelson co-stars as her supportive yet pithy teacher. Netflix until July 31.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

In one of the most influential romcoms of all time, Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal play two New Yorkers who, over the course of their 12-year friendship, refuse to ruin their deep connection by having sex. Can a woman and man truly be just friends? In real life, yes, obviously, but in Nora Ephron's world…hotly debatable! HBO Max until July 31.

Ocean's Twelve (2004)

The wildly misunderstood and underappreciated sequel to Ocean's Eleven (2001) finds our beloved charlatans (George Clooney, Brad Pitt, et al.) in need of a high-stakes heist to pay off a multimillion-dollar debt—all while being tailed by a savvy Interpol agent (Catherine Zeta-Jones). Ocean's Thirteen (2007) also streams on Netflix starting Aug. 1.

Before Sunrise (1995)

The first in Richard Linklater's emotionally devastating Before trilogy follows Jesse and Céline (Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy), two strangers who meet on a train to Vienna. The subsequent night is spent walking, talking and falling in love, bolstered by the leads' magnetic chemistry and the screenplay's deeply authentic dialogue. Before Sunset (2004) is also on HBO Max starting Aug. 1.