Over the past year, few industries have suffered more from COVID-19 than the arts and food industry. Between shutdowns that have prevented indoor dining and gallery walks, to mandated masking which makes eating in public an oxymoronic experience, restaurateurs and artists are taking it in the teeth.

So that's what this episode of Dive is about. One writer tells us about the arts scene in Portland. One restaurant owner tells us about the past year and what's in store for restaurants like his Portland institution.

Shannon Gormley, Willamette Week's music and visual arts editor, presents readers with the cover story this week about five artists in Portland. This annual Spring Arts Guide is different from other years because all the interviews were virtual. That means Gormley couldn't get the real feel for the arts she's accustomed to, but that didn't stop her from connecting with one story very deeply. She tells us about the obstacles of this story and her favorite parts of the cover.

Our second interview is with Michael Gibbons. Gibbons is owner of the Portland dining institution Papa Haydn. Gibbons tells of his experience running a restaurant this year and….I'm repeating myself. Just listen to the interview.

On top of that, we have a heartfelt story about a rescue aided by a photographer. And that's a wrap. Of course, 90 Second News Flash and Quote of the Week make the cut. Enjoy.

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