Hairspray (1988)

John Waters (aka the King of Filth) ventures into family-friendly territory with his 1960s-set comedy about a “pleasantly plump” teenager who gets on a local TV dance show and also finds the time to successfully protest against racial segregation. Not to be confused with the 2007 Hairspray movie musical. OMSI Bridge Lot, July 22.

Cinema Paradiso (1988)

In this exalting ode to movie theaters, a young boy in Sicily develops a lifelong passion for cinema after being taken under the wing of a local projectionist. As he ages, however, he realizes that life doesn’t always mirror the magic of the movies—but sometimes, if we’re lucky, it can. The perfect way to celebrate the return of that sacred tradition of going to the theater. Hollywood, July 24-25.

Donnie Darko (2001)

Jake Gyllenhaal stars as the titular Donnie Darko, one of the most iconic emo teens in film history. Depressed and troubled (all around him are familiar faces, worn-out places, worn-out faces), Donnie has visions of a man in a grotesque bunny suit called Frank who tells him the world will end in 28 days. Drew Barrymore, Jena Malone and Patrick Swayze co-star. Clinton, July 26.

Claudine (1974)

In this 1970s Harlem-set romantic dramedy, a garbage collector named Roop (James Earl Jones) falls for Claudine (Diahann Carroll), a mother of six scraping by on welfare. Though Roop is at first intimidated by her chaotic home life, and systemic economic inequality threatens the pair’s stability, their love manages to overcome all obstacles. Hollywood, July 26.

Dark Star (1974)

Horror master John Carpenter’s debut feature is a sci-fi comedy about the Dark Star, a dilapidated starship tasked with the mission of destroying unstable planets. Bored after 20 years of the same routine and frustrated by their faulty equipment, the isolated crew soon finds themselves in a series of misadventures. Clinton, July 23.


Clinton: Flower Storms: Iranian Animation, July 21. Astro Boy (2009), July 22. The Iron Giant (1999), July 24.

Hollywood: The Producers (1967), July 23. The Wizard of Oz (1939), July 24-25. Smokey and the Bandit (1977), July 27.

OMSI Bridge Lot: Flashdance (1983), July 23.