Converge 45 Announces Theme and Guest Curator for 2022-2023 Edition

The citywide contemporary art platform is preparing for its biennial and will also host a public event with artist Richard Mosse on Nov. 12.

The citywide contemporary art platform Converge 45 has announced the next edition of its Portland-based biennial. Opening officially on Aug. 24, 2023, the exhibition will showcase multimedia projects by more than 50 artists at over 15 local venues.

The theme of the biennial is “Social Forms: Art as Global Citizenship.” Christian Viveros-Fauné, who currently serves as curator-at-large at the University of South Florida Contemporary Art Museum, will serve as guest curator.

“Christian Viveros-Fauné has developed a timely and thoughtful program with Social Forms, weaving together the work of artists locally and across the globe, across issues and decades,” stated Margaret Burke, executive director of Converge 45, in a press release. “This collection of exhibitions shows art truly functioning as activism, prompting shifts in our individual perspectives and creating a record of the global collective experience. It is a valuable moment to draw people to Portland and to bring Portlanders out for the arts.”

“It would be the understatement of the decade to say that I am excited about the opportunities a citywide exhibition like Converge 45 presents,” Viveros-Fauné said. “Portland punches way above its weight as a cultural capital, and it is a great honor to be invited to help channel some of that energy into an artistic vision. The challenges of our evolving moment are obvious; with Converge 45, I want to concentrate on its more critical and empathetic creative possibilities.”

In addition, before the official 2023 opening, Converge 45 will present its first public event of the Social Forms biennial on Saturday, Nov. 12, in collaboration with Irish artist Richard Mosse and the Portland Art Museum. After the public talk is a reception with the artist and Viveros-Fauné.

More information about the Mosse event is available at

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