David F. Walker’s Second Act Has Changed Comics

“He’s almost like his own writing experiment.”

David F Walker (Elijah Hasan)

Age: 54

Occupation: Comics creator and novelist

Why He Matters: Yes, Walker has been around a while. But we’re classifying the former WW film critic as a member of the New Guard because the height of his success (so far) came with his second act: penning over 100 issues for comics titans like Marvel and DC, creating (or co-creating) six original series and writing nonfiction graphic novels about Frederick Douglas and the Black Panther Party—netting three Eisner Awards in the process.

Friend and fellow artist Taki Soma says Walker “seamlessly” navigates both original and publisher-driven work—an industry rarity. More nonfiction, Marvel work and a Regina King-directed movie based on his comics series Bitter Root are all forthcoming.

Biggest Influence: “Will Eisner, the creator of The Spirit. I met him in person. To have this guy tell me, ‘Give it a shot’…hands down my biggest influence.”

Greatest Personal Achievement: The Black Panther Party. It’s the book I hear about from college students, professors, librarians and parents, [which] lets me know I’m part of something that’s filling a need.”

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: “Right now, it’s The Purge [the show and film series]. I need something completely brainless to wind down at night.”

Best Quote About Him: “He is his writing. He’s almost like his own writing experiment.” —Michael Avon Oeming, comics creator

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