Eric Mayers Has Mastered the Art of Music Management

“He’s worn just about every hat and done it all well.”

Eric Mayers (Courtesy of Eric Mayers)

Age: 50

Occupation: Manager at Red Light Management

Why He Matters: Eric Mayers has one of the most thankless jobs in the music business—managers do mighty work for minimal glory—but he is the important lubrication between musicians, promoters and venue operators. The bands he manages include The Decemberists, Nickel Creek, Punch Brothers, and Rett Madison.

Mayers returned to Portland after a brief stint in the Bay Area to attend Lewis & Clark College, where he met the first band he would manage, Calobo. He would go on to co-found Siren Music Company, releasing five records and selling 125,000 copies. His vibe—modest family man with an ego far smaller than his formidable beard—belies the scope of his influence and his powerhouse collection of clients.

Biggest Influence: “I grew up listening to a lot of punk rock and that somehow morphed into an ardent and still long-lasting love for the Grateful Dead.”

Greatest Personal Achievement: “My greatest personal achievement would be the birth of my daughter and maintaining my family. And being asked to be in a Willamette Week article about people that are influencing the Portland arts.”

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: “Probably desserts. I’m a big carrot cake fan.”

Best Quote About Him: “He’s worn just about every hat and done it all well.” —Travis Labbe, president at True West

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