Oaks Park Is Offering Admission Discounts and Extended Skate Hours Tomorrow

A little relief for harried Portland parents.

As frantic parents search for some place to take their offspring eight days into a teachers’ strike, Oaks Park is offering patrons an unexpected treat: admission discounts and extended roller-skate hours Tuesday, Nov. 14.

“With school being canceled for PPS again tomorrow, Oaks Park Roller Rink will be offering extended afternoon open skate hours from 1-5 pm, as well as a buy-one, get-one open skate session admission when tickets are purchased online,” the Oaks Park Association said in a statement.

Skating tickets can be purchased online using the coupon code BOGOSK8 (rides, mini golf, and games are closed for the winter and will reopen March 23, 2024).

Skating at Oaks Park changed this summer when the park, for the first time, announced that skaters would have to sign a waiver to participate. Waivers are valid for 30 days, so keep your eyes out in case the park offers another discount day in the coming months.

It’s been a dozen days since Portland kids set foot in a classroom. As of Sunday evening, the teachers’ union and the school district were still a considerable distance apart on their contract proposals. We don’t have any answers—but we do have an archived list of bars where you can bring your children. We hope this helps.

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