Milwaukie-based Dark Horse Comics is publishing the final graphic novel by late chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain.

The Emmy-winning star of Parts Unknown, who committed suicide in June, wrote the comic, a collection of Japanese-themed horror stories about food titled Hungry Ghosts, with longtime friend, acclaimed novelist Joel Rose. The two previously collaborated on two Get Jiro graphic novels, in which master chefs run the streets of LA like crime bosses.

Hungry Ghosts is based on the Edo period parlor game known as 100 Candles that is also said to have been a test of courage for samurai. In Bourdain's iteration, the sword-swinging characters are utensil-wielding chefs who share terrifying tales during what sounds like a culinary-themed sleepover. But instead of worrying about slumber party pranks like scrawling penises on faces in Sharpie, everyone is simply hoping to survive the night.

In a way, Hungry Ghosts is also Bourdain's last cookbook as it will feature a series of new, original recipes as well.

Bourdain told Eater in 2015 that he enjoyed the work of writing comics because it was wildly different from his other projects.

"I find the plot difficult. I like characters, I like atmospherics, and I like the details—what the room smells like," Bourdain said. "How to get the characters up a tree and then back down is tricky for me. It's fun because we're working within an established and understood genre; there are certain conventions that I really like and enjoy."