“Black Panther” Director Ryan Coogler Is Turning a Portland-Made Comic Into a Movie

"Bitter Root" is published by Portland's Image Comics and co-created by former WW movie critic David F. Walker.

After almost a year-long gap between issues and on the heels of a movie deal, Portland publisher Image Comics has announced the return of Bitter Root. The much anticipated sixth issue is due next month.

In October, it was announced that Black Panther director Ryan Coogler is producing a Bitter Root adaptation for the big screen. This week, Image Comics confirmed that production is currently underway.

Co-created by Portland author—and former WW movie criticDavid F. Walker, Bitter Root follows a family of monster hunters living during the Harlem Renaissance.

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When it debuted in late 2018, the series quickly garnered critical acclaim. Last year, it was nominated for two of the comic industry’s biggest honors: a Will Eisner Comic Industry Award for Best New Series and a Ringo Award for Best Series.

The AV Club wrote that, “Bitter Root, like Get Out and Walker’s own work on Shaft, provide context to insert justice and social good into entertainment,” while The Washington Post praised the story’s ability to embrace “the black artistic creativity of the Harlem Renaissance but also recognizing the racism of the time.”

Bitter Root #6 is out on February 19.