Flubber-faced comic superstar turned #Resistance painter turned platitudinous commencement-speech-giver Jim Carrey is adding another credit to his résumé: novelist.

The 58-year-old star of Showtime's Kidding (and, uh, Sonic the Hedgehog) has written a book called Memoirs and Misinformation. It's about, well, a guy named Jim Carrey, but it appears to be more "misinformation" than "memoir." It's probably best to just let his publisher, Knopf, explain:

Meet Jim Carrey. Sure, he’s an insanely successful and beloved movie star drowning in wealth and privilege — but he’s also lonely. Maybe past his prime. Maybe even… getting fat? He’s tried diets, gurus, and cuddling with his military-grade Israeli guard dogs, but nothing seems to lift the cloud of emptiness and ennui. Even the sage advice of his best friend, actor and dinosaur skull collector Nicolas Cage, isn’t enough to pull Carrey out of his slump. But then Jim meets Georgie: ruthless ingénue, love of his life. And with the help of auteur screenwriter Charlie Kaufman, he has a role to play in a boundary-pushing new picture that may help him uncover a whole new side to himself — finally, his Oscar vehicle! Things are looking up! But the universe has other plans.

The book, co-authored by journalist Dana Vachon, arrives on May 5, and both Carrey and Vachon are going on the road to promote it, with the tour hitting Keller Auditorium on May 18.

What will a Jim Carrey book tour look like? Given his current public persona as a quasi-mystic motivational speaker, we wouldn't bet on him reading passages while bent over and pretending to literally talk out his ass, but y'never know.

Tickets for the Portland date go on sale March 3 and include a copy of the book.