What did you miss the most about going to Powell's during the coronavirus shutdown?

According to customers allegedly surveyed by the company, it wasn't, y'know, all the books. It was the smell.

The smell? Yes, the smell.

Admittedly, bookstores do tend to have a certain comforting aroma that's hard to pin down. But the Portland-based bookseller hasn't just identified what it is—they've bottled it, too.

For a limited time beginning in November, the store is going to be selling its own fragrance called (wait for it) Powell's by Powell's. According a press release, it "captures the scent of books with subtle hints of wood and violet," and will be sold in a 1-ounce bottle contained inside a book-shaped box.

How does one "capture the scene of books," exactly? Did it require melting down the overstock of Infinite Jest or something?

Honestly, it seems like a rib, but it'll apparently be available to order through powells.com starting Nov. 1 for $24.99 per bottle, then hit shelves at the physical Powell's locations on Nov. 27.

Hey, when it comes to tricking strangers into thinking you're an avid reader, it certainly goes farther than a tote bag.