Just when you thought you were safe from seeing Gordon Sondland's name in headlines all the time, he's back.

Gossip site Page Six recently speculated that the millionaire Portland hotelier, Trump campaign megadonor, U.S. ambassador to the European Union and star Impeachment 1.0 witness is working on a "tell-all" book about his time in the Trump administration.

According to the website, Sondland and publishing agent Alan Nevins were overheard discussing a "bombshell book" over brunch at a Beverly Hills hotel.

It's worth noting that Page Six couldn't get a response from Nevins and Sondland, and there's been no official announcement about Sondland's alleged authorial debut. So it's totally possible that there's no book deal yet, and we all could be spared from the rollout of another tabloid-y tell-all from inside the Trump era.

But if there is a forthcoming book, Page Six's speculation about its tone and content isn't exactly reassuring. The article quotes an anonymous publishing insider who claims that "everyone is wondering if Sondland is going to 'do a John Bolton' and reveal bombshell evidence in the book against Trump that he may not have revealed in the first impeachment trial."

Sure, it reads a little like a caricature of capitalism, but if a millionaire megadonor-turned-scorned diplomat was going to cash in on his time working for a reality TV star-turned-president, brunch at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills is a pretty fitting opening scene.