I've waited my whole life to watch humanity destroy itself. So for me, Trump's presidency has been a lesson to never give up on your childhood dreams.

Unfortunately, everyone else seems to think that people are worth saving. So despite spending years of my life actively cheering on the apocalypse, I'm now being guilted into giving a fuck about my fellow man; and all of the national outrage we've witnessed since Trump's inauguration has forced to confront a series of personal choices.

Do I want to participate in progressive movements that slowly better the world for others, or do I want to kick back and watch it all burn down? Do I take pride in joining a cause, or find solace in the knowledge that humanity is doomed and an end to our wretched existence draws near? Should I post a useless, misinformed political rant on Facebook wherein I pour out my heart and share my feelings, or should I do something productive?

I've spent weeks searching my soul, and in the end, I think it's best to strive for change. Not because people are worth fighting for, but because I just got HBO Go, and I would hate for Western Society to crumble before I get caught up on Game of Thrones.

Many have already begun to organize and rebel against the Trump administration. Frustrated citizens disrupted inauguration events. Demonstrators stormed airports around the country in retaliation to Trump's attempted Muslim ban. There have been so many protests and calls for boycotts that I can barely remember them all. The other day, I drank Starbucks in an Uber because I couldn't remember which companies I was supposed to shun or support.

The Women's March was a particularly inspirational event. A record breaking number of people protested internationally to oppose Trump and take a stand for civil liberties. There were even marchers in Antarctica – and you know you've messed up as president when people are willing to march through freezing temperatures on an almost completely uninhabitable continent just to tell you to go fuck yourself.

Admittedly, I didn't go to the Women's March. But I did eat my girlfriend out that morning, so it's safe to say I did my part.

Even without having been a part of the event, I was excited to later read that millions of people had participated around the world. But despite such a massive peaceful protest, there will always be naysayers. Since the march, I keep running into dudes who are actively trying to ignore the bold statement that was made today by millions of people across the world and it's like, who do you think you are? The Electoral College?

Moving forward, there are bound to be more efforts and gatherings dedicated to speaking out against the Trump administration. Many of them will prove to be a colossal waste of time, and others will help to inspire change. Of course, protest goers will never admitted that they wasted their time, and those who blindly oppose rallies and marches will never admit that demonstrations can sometimes lead to change. But regardless of what you believe or where you stand on the issues, it's a good idea to buy stock in poster board and Sharpies, because it's going to be a long four years.