Women can be anything these days: Ghostbusters, Wonder Women, runners-up in American presidential elections. But despite recent strides towards equality, it's obvious that sexism still runs rampant in the workplace.

Recently, a nuclear power plant in the Czech Republic came under fire for using a bikini contest to hire potential interns.

Ten female high school graduates applied for a two-week long internship at the Temelín Nuclear Power Station. The plant photographed the potential interns wearing bikinis and hard hats before posting pictures of the scantily clad girls on to Facebook. The applicant whose photo received the most likes would be awarded the internship.

It's a creepy selection process, but it makes sense. After all, these girls are obviously interested in science, and we all know that the most important part of being a scientist is looking good in a bikini. That's why Marie Curie isn't remembered for her pioneering research in radioactivity, but for her smokin' hot bod.

I just don't know why the plant only photographed ten girls instead of twelve, because twelve half-naked teenagers would've at least been a calendar's worth of fleshy adolescence. It would still be gross that the plant had taken those photos to begin with, but it would be slightly less off-putting if they had used the images for a calendar, because provocative calendars are part of a time honored tradition that has existed ever since a bunch of cavemen convinced the hottest woman in their tribe to stand naked in the middle of a circle and serve as a gnomon to their sundial. And nude gnomons were the original sexy calendar.

Unfortunately, sexism is everywhere, so I'm not really surprised by the ridiculousness of this bikini clad contest. I am shocked, though, that apparently not a single man in the Czech Republic applied to intern at this particular nuclear plant. I'm also surprised to learn that the Czech Republic has nuclear technology. I always just assumed the whole country was powered by potato batteries.

All jokes aside, it's a shame that these young women were had to endure such inappropriate pageantry, especially now that Melania Trump is in the White House. After all, our First Lady should serve as a role model to these Eastern European girls. She's living proof that they don't need to strip down and expose themselves to men in their own country for nothing more than a two-week long internship.

Instead, they can strip down and expose themselves to American men in exchange for a lifetime of lavished captivity.