Former Portland comedian Kristine Levine released her first standup album, Hey Sailor!last week. Though Levine moved from Portland to Tucson two years ago, the 11 track album was recorded at Funhouse Lounge. The album was released on Stand Up! Records, whose long roster of releases includes the likes of Hannibal Buress, Patton Oswalt and Lewis Black.

Levine placed in WW's first Funniest Five poll and played a recurring character on Portlandia. When she left Portland in 2016, Levine said about Portlandia, "I worked on the show for six years. I helped get people to move in who love it as much as we do—and now they're here, and I have to go. Seems like bullshit, doesn't it?"

In Tucson, Levine hosts a standup showcase called Critical Comedy and a classic-rock radio show. Last November, Levine told WW that she's already working on her second standup album.

On Hey Sailor!, there's plenty of Levine's anti-PC, brash humor, including jokes about getting recognized in the welfare office and how Portland is only "weird" because we're too polite to tell each other that unicycles are pointless. Below, you can listen to Levine's bit off of Hey Sailor! about kicking over roadside memorials.