Libs, prepare to get owned.

A conservative comedy tour is coming to Portland, and no, it does not involve Larry the Cable Guy or Jeff Dunham's racist puppets. The Deplorables Tour—described on its website as "an uproarious comedy show for conservative thinkers, Trump supporters, and good ol' American Deplorables"—is apparently aimed at hardcore MAGA comedy heads, with a lineup of podcasters, Fox News talking heads and at least two "viral internet sensations."

And when we say it's "coming to Portland," when don't mean, like, the Gresham Eagles Lodge, as you might expect. Instead, it'll be happening at one of Portland's biggest performing arts venues, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, on March 29.

You'd think a comedy tour that promises to "unleash the conservative mindset" while "unabashedly mocking liberals" would want to avoid venturing into the heart of Snowflake City U.S.A. Indeed, the tour skips other bastions of liberalism like Austin and Los Angeles (a New York date is tbd). And according to one of the performers, the tour had trouble locking down venues.

"Once upon a time, me and a few other comedians were looking for some venues to perform at, but a bunch of liberals turned us down," claims Terrence K. Williams, a self-described "commentator, actor, comedian, entrepreneur, speaker, & fried chicken specialist," in a Twitter video. "A bunch of snowflakes told us we could not perform at their venue because we voted for Trump."

(He goes on to list the cities the tour will be hitting—including such entertainment meccas as Dubuque, Iowa, and Evansville, Indiana—then laughs uproariously when reaching Portland: "It's a whole bunch of snowflakes there!")

So how did the tour end up here? A representative from Portland'5, the organization that oversees the Schnitz and several other performing arts venues, did not immediately return a request for comment. The group did, however, respond to one upset Twitter user, clarifying that the event is a rental and not being hosted by Portland'5, whose theaters are managed by Metro and the Metropolitan Exposition Recreation Commission, or MERC.

"There's a key difference between hosting (Portland'5 Presents events) and renting to promoters, tours, and resident companies. In this case, Icon Concerts has rented the Schnitzer for this tour stop. As a government agency, our spaces must be made available for rent to all."

This is not the first time Portland'5 has had to defend itself for renting out one of its venues for a right-leaning event: Last year, the group faced protests for allowing controversial author Jordan Peterson to speak at Keller Auditorium.

Along with Williams, the Deplorables Tour also features Steve "Mudflap" McGrew, a standup comic and host of the Remasculate podcast, and Michael Loftus, a frequent Fox & Friends guest and producer of several cancelled television comedies including the Kevin James vehicle Kevin Can Wait. The Deplorable Choir, a satirical singing group, will be performing as well. Sample song lyrics: They want our wallets/They want our guns/They want the wieners off our sons…Democrats!"

Tickets for the Deplorables' Portland tour stop are on sale now, and run between $53.50 to $149 for the VIP meet-and-greet package—a small price to pay to experience some maximum lib ownage.