If your friend ever calls herself "the funny one," get a copy of the Feb. 3 Willamette Week. If she isn't in the Funniest Five, call her out. If you're funny, WW knows your name.

Every year, Willamette Week finds the funniest five people in Portland. But it isn't enough to just read the list. This week on the Dive podcast by Willamette Week, we sat down with the editor of the cover story, Andi Prewitt. We had some questions for Andi: "How did you find these comedians?" and "What makes the funniest person in Portland?" and "Why isn't it my friend Maggie, she's the funny one?!" She answers most of these questions.

After our talk with Andi, we talk to two of the five funniest people. One of them hates the WW Funniest Five ranking system. Another one is cool with it. But both Tyrone Collins and Tory Ward are funny as heck. (They also use language much saltier than "heck"—hide your kids, wash out your ears, etc.) We talk about their writing process, performing during COVID, and the Portland comedy scene.

The 90-second news flash is a little shorter than usual, take your complaints up with corporate. Our quote of the day comes from a beaver that's bad at his job. And the music? Amp keeps us entertained.

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