Watch Neeraj Srinivasan Recall His Dad’s Memorable Dating Advice at WW’s Funniest Five Showcase

Just call Srinivasan “a cool guy with an American passport.”

When it comes to self-deprecation, Neeraj Srinivasan is a poet, delighting audiences with his suavely self-aware anecdotes about touring his standup, family squabbles, and the horrors of dating as a 30-something. And at WW’s 2024 Funniest Five Showcase at Alberta Rose Theatre, he pulled no punches as he riffed on some, ahem, inventive dating advice he received from his father.

Watch as Srinivasan recalls the unique suggestion he was given for using social media to find a spouse and how it relates (or does it?) to the way his parents met. It’s a sharp, satirical saga that shows why he landed near the top of this year’s Funniest Five.

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