Everybody knows about the big events happening at Rose City Comic Con this weekend, but we also dug up the can't-miss events that you might not have noticed the first, or 20th, time you looked at the schedule. Just make sure to bring that hard-earned allowance money, because it isn't always cheap.

1. Morphin Time with Jason David Frank
Panel Room 1, Friday, 2:30 pm.

JDF has done it all: acting as the Green Ranger, the White Ranger, the Red Ranger and the Black Dino Ranger. Beat that, Daniel Day-Lewis!

2. The Harry Potter Alliance – The Weapon We Have is Love
Panel Room 8, Friday, 6:30 pm.

This real life Dumbledore's Army operates in many cities around the world, distilling the muggle world down to a wizard's perspective. Members of the Portland chapter will be on-hand to hopefully explain why you haven't got your Hogwarts letter after all these years.

3. How to Publish Your Own Comic
Panel Room 5, Saturday, 1 pm.

Ever read a comic and thought "I could do this!"? Learn all you could possibly ever need to know in an hour or less. Go get 'em, Jack Kirby!

4. Image Comics Fall Homecoming
Saturday, The Evergreen, 618 SE Alder St., 8:30 pm – 12:30 am. $20. 21+

Because every reader of comics wants to be reminded of their most precious High School moment, the fall homecoming; a time where everything was picture-perfect and smelled of Drakkar Noir. The dance is presented by Image Comics, so expect zombies, evil exes or snot girls.

5. The Art of Family Cosplay
Panel Room 8, Sunday, 3:30 pm.

Everyone knows you're not truly an X-Men team unless you have the X-minimum of four. Learn from a family that cosplays together and figure out how to convince your dad he'd make a really authentic Professor X.

6. Energy!!
Hall A Lobby

When you think comics, you need to be thinking 5-hour energy!  The caffeine shot company will be kicking it in the Hall A lobby, offering that extra boost you need to get your semi-truck back home to Boise.

7. PDX Browncoats
Location: #610

Lamenting the lack of Firefly celebs at this year's fest? Have no fear, this group feels the same way! We're not entirely clear on what the Browncoats have planned, but my money's on some sort of train heist gone wrong.

8. R2D2 Builders
Location: #327

There is a group of people that literally make R2 units. You could literally be among that hallowed and venerated group. We're talking R5-A4, R7-A2 and R5-D4 IRL.

9. Getting Wacko
Panel Room 1, Sunday, 10:30 am. Autograph sessions throughout the weekend.

The voice of Wacko in Animaniacs, Scary Terry in Rick & Morty, and occasionally Crash Bandicoot, Jess Harnell has also been the announcer of America's Funniest Home Videos since 1998.

10. Dare to be Stupid

Panel Room 1, Friday, 6:30 pm. Autograph and photo sessions throughout the weekend. $60 for a photograph, $40 for an autograph.

The musician and master of parody, known for the web series Face to Face, UHF and the opening sequence of Spy Hard, will rock where he knows how to rock best: a comics convention.  Well, actually he won't be rocking, he'll be signing autographs and taking pictures. As of press time, Weird Al has not participated in the writing or illustrating of a comic.  But don't hold it against him–I mean, the man made Eat it.

GO: Rose City Comic Con, Sept. 8-10. Oregon Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd. rosecitycomiccon.com. $40 for a Saturday ticket, $65 for a 3-day weekend pass. All ages.