We Asked People at Northwest Portland Coffee Shops Where They Were From and What They Were Drinking

Our favorite coffee shop looks. Photos by Joe Riedl.

"Rooibos tea. Always herbal teas. I'm a born and raised Portlander, so I love the rain and the seasons. I'm an interior designer, so I'm a huge fan of change. I love progression."

"Portland's strange because sometimes I love living here, while other times I hate it. My favorite thing about Portland has always been the people. Everyone's so friendly."

"I'm getting a cortado or just a black coffee. I live in Beaverton. I'm here to get brunch at Tasty n Alder but there's an hour and a half wait."

"I moved here from a small town in Montana four years ago." How would you describe your style? "I take inspiration from a lot of different designers but above all, I make it my own. Actually, I made these pants. I want to be accepted everywhere but on my own terms.

"Just a latte. I don't know what else to get. Sao Paulo. I just landed in Portland this morning. It's my first hour here, and it's been amazing."

"We're from here. It's been a busy week, so we're just catching up. She's the actor; she knows what to do. I'm going to need your help. Do I look at the camera? Vanilla latte. Just a latte for me; no sugar, no cream or anything like that."

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