"Rooibos tea. Always herbal teas. I'm a born and raised Portlander, so I love the rain and the seasons. I'm an interior designer, so I'm a huge fan of change. I love progression."

"Portland's strange because sometimes I love living here, while other times I hate it. My favorite thing about Portland has always been the people. Everyone's so friendly."

"I'm getting a cortado or just a black coffee. I live in Beaverton. I'm here to get brunch at Tasty n Alder but there's an hour and a half wait."

"I moved here from a small town in Montana four years ago." How would you describe your style? "I take inspiration from a lot of different designers but above all, I make it my own. Actually, I made these pants. I want to be accepted everywhere but on my own terms.

"Just a latte. I don't know what else to get. Sao Paulo. I just landed in Portland this morning. It's my first hour here, and it's been amazing."

"We're from here. It's been a busy week, so we're just catching up. She's the actor; she knows what to do. I'm going to need your help. Do I look at the camera? Vanilla latte. Just a latte for me; no sugar, no cream or anything like that."