If you moved to Portland from somewhere in the Midwest, then you've probably bought your parents one of those cool Pendleton National Parks blankets for Christmas at the airport store on the way back home. But this year, you won't have to wait until the last minute. Pendleton's opening a brand new flagship store in the heart of downtown Portland.

Yesterday, the Portland Business Journal reported that the iconic Oregon brand known for their flannel shirts, blankets, socks and other things patterned will be opening a 3,000 square foot store in the new Park Avenue West residential tower. The high-end Park Avenue West recently opened after spending several years as a halted construction site/yawning abyss in the heart of downtown Portland.

Scheduled to open at an unspecified date later this year, the PBJ reports that the new store will occupy the Southeast corner of the building on SW Yamhill St. and SW Park Ave., across the street from Director Park and Nordstrom and right in the heart of Portland's upscale shopping district. It will carry Pendleton's full lineup of clothes and accessories.