street_WhereDoYouLive_01_ChristineDong_4317"I live right across the bridge in North Portland. I thought about moving back to SE, but I like where I live a lot."

street_WhereDoYouLive_02_ChristineDong_4317"I just moved to the Mississippi neighborhood. I wouldn't move—it's nice and easy."

street_WhereDoYouLive_03_ChristineDong_4317"I live in Lake Oswego. I would move to the Pearl because of shopping and food, but it's too expensive."

street_WhereDoYouLive_04_ChristineDong_4317"I live in Irvington. I wouldn't move away—everything is so walkable, and everyone is really nice."

street_WhereDoYouLive_05_ChristineDong_4317"I live by the Portland Art Museum. I would move to Hawthorne because it's so cute, but I'm a full-time student and I can't move that far out."

street_WhereDoYouLive_06_ChristineDong_4317"I'm from Venezuela. It's my first day here, and NW is the first neighborhood I've visited. I would live in this part. It's very cool."

street_WhereDoYouLive_07_ChristineDong_4317"I live out in Goose Hollow. I would like to live in the West Hills because of the Craftsman homes and neighborhood feel with trees. However, I can't live there because it's expensive."

street_WhereDoYouLive_08_ChristineDong_4317"We actually just moved from NW to NE because it's cheaper, and we get to live in a home versus an apartment."

Photos by Christine Dong.