Oktoberfest season is nearly here and it's time to pull out your lederhosen or dirndl dress and drink all the beer and eat all the sausage a human could possibly consume.

But if you really want to be the star of Oktoberfest, you need to get yourself a pair of beer-proof, puke-proof, Adidas Munchen Oktoberfest shoes. The shoes are coated with a "DPBR" coating, meaning "durable puke and beer repellent" that is absolutely necessary if you're attending any beer event.

The shoes are inspired by traditional Bavarian pants and sport an embroidered back cap, leather lining and a gold Prost on the sidenext to the three stripes. The rest of the shoe is made with a mix of leather, textile and synthetic materials.

Releasing on September 2, the made-in-Germany shoes will set you back about $240 and can be bought at 43einhelb.com.