Bye bye beanies—Portland is about to get cold weather headwear that's so much cooler.

Two Portland entrepreneurs created ear muffs that double as wireless headphones—two products that look so alike, it's amazing this has never been done before.

They're called Sound Huggle earmuffs: "a hug and a snuggle for your ears," which is, you know, just nice. There's also Bluetooth technology, so you can even use them to talk on the phone. This means no more chapped ears while talking to your pissed-off significant other outside the bar.

"As far as we know there isn't something that's wireless that will keep you warm and is collapsible," says co-founder Samantha Tran.

Tran and her boyfriend, co-founder Jason Yeh, first started working on the headphones just over a year ago, after they moved to Portland. Tran had previously lived in New York City and Yeh lived in Chicago.

"We were both California transplants trying to adjust to this freezing weather," Tran says. "Jason was using earbuds and putting ear muffs over his ear buds, thinking, 'There's got to be a better way to do this.'"

Neither Tran nor Yeh have any design or entrepreneurial background.

"We're just learning as we go," Tran says. "We've been working with the manufacturers to play with prototypes and what is aesthetically appealing and what works really well, and think that's the struggle with fashion technology. We got to a point where we feel really good about the product and the sound quality is really good."

They have currently have a small stock of the headphones, and prices vary depending on how you order.

Sign up for their e-mail list before October 10, and they'll send you a code for a 30-percent discout, dropping the price to $97. During an IndieGoGo campaign from Oct. 10-Nov. 15, they'll cost $117. After, they will set you back $139. You can subscribe to the newsletter for more information.