"(Left) "I work full-time and barely make rent. I get about $50 from each paycheck because of what I pay for housing and living expenses." (Right) "I'm a student with two jobs, and I would definitely not be able to afford rent without help."

(Left) "It's probably not something a lot of people enjoy, but I think retail spaces being included underneath a lot of housing is really helpful in providing variety and livening up the city. The streets are more crowded, things seem safer and there's more to do." (Right) "As a third-generation Portlander who has lived in Portland my entire life, I think there has been no better time than now to live here!"

(Left) "I have only had good experiences since moving here. Portland has been pretty inviting in all senses being an East Coast Canadian. We may have to be here a little longer to really develop a more nuanced opinion." (Right) "I'd say the same thing. It's been an easy transition for the most part, housing included. We are definitely the outsiders coming in, but it's been OK."

“Portland needs to provide more affordable options for people that don’t make a lot of money. It’s a youthful city, and younger people are seeing this as a good/fun place to move to and be creative, but the housing prices make it impossible for most.”

"My experience has been that Portland rent is out of control. I've always had the desire to move to New York, and now we're almost as expensive as they are in some places, without the amenities of a city like New York. Portland is becoming such a desirable place to live, but the experience that a lot of people want is lost on the expense of living."

(Left) "I'm from Minneapolis, and the city is trying to provide low-cost housing for working artists, and a lot of people who aren't really artists are lying about how much they make just so they can get cheap housing. It's really frustrating."

(Right) "Oddly enough, I've had a great experience in Portland. Luckily I found a house, and it turned out to be my favorite house ever. Having a home that you cherish and love is really important."

(Left) "I live in Brooklyn, I see so much gentrification. The housing prices are rising dramatically, forcing people out to make room for the wealthy." (Right) "I'm from Portland, and to be honest, I've never had a bad experience."