(Left) "I put music on, and after 5 pm get a drink!" (Right)  "Kundalini Yoga, and same as her—a drink after 5 pm."

(Left) "I go to Löyly Finnish Spa." (Right) I'm from New York, and I spin! I do the Rock Rides, which is basically listening to classic rock while spinning."

"I go shopping! Preferably at Nordstrom."

"Cleaning my room. Organization is key."

"For me, it's doing face masks and my skin-care regimen while blasting music. Also, shopping!"

"Drinking cheap beer and listening to records. Also this reminds me, I need to schedule a therapy appointment."

(Left) "Spending time with my best friend (pointing to her)" (Right) "Not gonna lie, drinking. Haha!"

"Just breathing, and spending time alone with my thoughts."