"I was definitely a Myspace girl. My user name was probably a Death Cab for Cutie lyric, with some upper- and lowercase X's on either end."

"I had a Tumblr first. My username was just my name on that."

"Facebook! And of course just my name."

"My first site was Tagged. I know I'm really dating myself there. Quite honestly, I can't remember what my username was. Probably something like bratling10200, 'cause I was a teen at the time and my best friend and I tried to match literally everything. Looking back, it's kinda cute, but mostly embarrassing."

"I don't even remember. I'm gonna say Instagram—never really had anything else. And my username is just my name!"

"Gaia Online, and my username was xxbatwomanxx."

"Myspace. My username was probably Big Mac."