(Nobody showed up to read to a greyhound at a Minnesota public library this week, and it made the internet sad).

"A St. Bernard, 'cause I'd just want it to slobber all over my lap while I read to it. Probably gonna be an unpopular sentiment in this town, but I'm not a dog fan. I like St. Bernards a lot, though."

"A chubby shiba iInu. They're usually really hyper and rowdy, but I feel like the chubby one would just want to be cozy and warm and sit still to be read to."

"I'd probably want to read to a French bulldog. Although they aren't the most attentive dog breeds, Frenchies are my favorite, and any extra time I can spend with one the better!"

"Our dog chills hard, so obviously her."

"I'd want to read to a wire-haired fox terrier. It probably wouldn't even listen, though, 'cause they generally like to do their own thing."

"We wouldn't read to anything but our poodle Zorro."

"I'd want to read to literally any dog, because I don't have one!"