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If You Could Pick Portland’s Next Mayor, Who Would it Be?

Our favorite looks on Portland's streets this week.

"We all say Bernie! 'Cause he's the best!"

"Andy Roy, for sure, just 'cause he's my favorite skater."

"We're not from here, so we're not sure what the politics are like. It seems like a really nice place, though. Going off of who we've seen, though, maybe that Star Wars unicycle guy should be mayor."

"Matt Smith from Doctor Who, because he's the only Doctor that mattered."

(Left) "I'm not sure, I'm visiting from Vietnam. I'd say him [points to guy on right], because he's the only Portlander I know, and he's fun, honest and kind." (Right) "I  agree with her. I'm completely pragmatic, and I'd turn all the stop signs into yield signs—not to toot my own horn, but I think the stop-sign thing would be a hit here."

"Charles Barkley. He's not the best speaker, but he's really smart, and a lot of his views seem like they'd align with what Portland needs."

(Left) "Snoop Dogg, because Portland would be even more chill." (Right) "Tom Cruise, 'cause he's less crazy than most politicians."