"I'm just happy the sun finally comes out in spring."

"Honestly, the fact that it's happy-hour patio season."

(Sam Gehrke)
(Sam Gehrke)

(Left) "I've never been to PDX during the spring, I'm from Montreal, visiting with him, but the food has been really good, and it seems like spring here is perfect with all of the food carts." (Right) "Same boat as her. I've only been here for a few hours, but I love it so far."

"I'm visiting from Idaho, and this is my first time in Portland during springtime. It reminds me a lot of home with more rain, and I love that."

(Sam Gehrke)
(Sam Gehrke)

(Woman on far right) "Well I'm the only one from here, so I'll answer for the group. I'd definitely say all of the blossoming flowers here when spring hits."

"The sunshine. It's simple, but having the sun back is great. Plus, it brings everyone out, and you realize that people actually live here."

"I like it because it makes me feel like I'm controlling the weather with my mood—sunny and bright to dark and ominous in a flash."

"My favorite part is seeing everyone getting outside and losing the sweaters."

"I just moved here from New York, but I always like seeing the changing of the seasons. The newness reminds you of change in more ways than just the weather."

"The flowers in bloom. I'm originally from the Midwest, where dandelions get sprayed with Roundup, so the spring blossoms here seem like magic on a tree!"

"I love the bipolar weather patterns here in spring. From downpours to sun to overcast, and all of the wet petals all over the ground."

"Without sounding creepy, I love seeing people wearing less clothes when it starts warming up. Plus, everyone seems happier!"