"I don't know how I could positively answer a question like that."

"Most of my bar stories are pretty dark. Last Thanksgiving, I saw a woman collapse at a packed dive in Minneapolis. An entire paramedic team rushed in, stretcher and all."

(Right) "I'd just finished work at a bar and was sitting with [guy on left]. Some guy stopped and said, 'It's you again,' and stared at me. He reached into his pocket, and I started getting a little mean in my eyes, 'cause it was making me uneasy. He ended up pulling out a hedgehog. It turned out I had served him a long time ago, right before he was headed to buy the hedgehog."

"Once a bartender said, 'At least it wasn't Russian,' and a Russian woman, who happened to be there, freaked out [and] says, 'Vhat did you say about Russia?' [She] chugged her margarita, pissed on her barstool and stormed out."

"I can't think of bar stories, but I was at a house party where they had hunch punch, and a dude just passed out right in the middle of a story, like out,
flat on his face. We had to pick him up and sit him up. Still have no idea what happened with him."

"We're both musicians, so lots of weird experiences, but honestly too many to remember."

"I was at a bar in Old Town, having a good time with friends, and one of
my buddies vomited midsentence right on a girl's shoes."