"Local and national news could focus more on outreach. After spending time overseas, I found that the international perception of the U.S. is very different from what it actually is. Everyone jokes about Trump, but it's just that, a joke. The news undercuts the seriousness of poverty, racism and bigotry in this country."

(Left to right) "I wish there was a better way to access local news without broadcast television and papers. Social media doesn't cut it these days." "I feel like there should be more coverage about the dirtier side of Portland. Sex trafficking is huge here, and horrible, and there isn't enough comprehensive coverage on it." "I'm tired of Trump in both local and national news. I'd like more stories highlighting the good in the face of adversity in this era. As oppressive as it may feel, there are so many good things happening."

"This applies to all news: Cover less of the ridiculous things the president is doing and more about what his minions are doing to fuck up the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and everything else people depend on."

(Left) "The promotion of local news in general would help. Lots of people simply do not have access to it." (Right) "News, both local and national, seems to be adopting the attitude of 'if it bleeds, it leads,' which has become problematic. I can find and see drama and violence everywhere, so give me something that I can actually rest easier with at night."

"Focus more on minorities!"

"Transgender rights for both of us because they're often overlooked in both local and national news."

(Left) "Coverage emphasizing the plight of those dealing with substance abuse would be great. News highlighting their struggle as opposed to them just taking up space would be extremely helpful. Bringing more attention to singular incidents of racism and bigotry are important, too. It gives a face to the hatred and teaches people to react against it if they are a bystander witnessing it." (Right) "Local news should put more emphasis on anything that tears people away from national politics and 'he who must not be named.' Positives and negatives outside of the political circus are being ignored because nobody can look away. The continued focus on what's going with his administration and attention-grabbing behavior trivializes things that are real and on our front lawns."