(Left): "We just moved here a month ago. I'm from Pennsylvania, but I think my best of Portland would be the people. Everyone is really accepting, and I can feel like I can just be me." (Right): "I moved here with her, and I'm from Kentucky. I'd agree with her, but also my best of Portland would be the PDX Craft Beer Fest."

"My best of Portland would be the blue man that hangs out downtown. No idea what he does, but I like him."

"My best of Portland would be the Old Portland—like Gus Van Sant era, when things were still grungy and imperfect and cool. RIP to the best of Portland: Old Portland."

(Left): "Oh, that's a hard one. I'd say best bar for me is Dig A Pony. I love it." (Right): "Mine would be the Hatch Chili Breakfast Burrito at Pepper Box."

"I'm from L.A. too, but thus far I've really liked the architecture here, so that'd be my best of Portland."

"I've only been here 30 minutes, but I love the food-cart blocks here, especially the one across from Target downtown. That'd probably be my best of Portland. I'm from L.A., and it's so much quieter here, although it feels like there's still lots going on."

"I'm actually visiting from San Francisco, so my answer is a bit more vague—my best of Portland would be the people. Compared to San Francisco, no one cares what anyone else does or how they look or act for the most part. I've felt really comfortable with everyone here, and everyone has been so kind. You can't say that about a lot of places."