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What Is the Hardest Part About Cosplaying?

Our favorite looks from Rose City Comic Con.

"I would say the hardest part for me was definitely the sewing."

"We would both say it's really hard trying to find the right material that looks the best for the characters we're cosplaying as."

What do you like most about getting to wear your costume? "I like that I get to dress up like Junk Rat 'cause he's my favorite."

"The sweating—especially if you're wearing a costume with a lot of vinyl or latex. If you're in something like mine, you just pour sweat."

"For me, it's really figuring out how things go together and come apart for packing and transportation. The ability to repair is also a challenge—you can make it, but can you fix it?"

"Definitely the temperature in my costume. Other than that, I love it so much."

"The hardest part can be other people. I had to travel kind of a ways to get here, and people outside of the Con give you weird looks and stare, and may say mean things. You really have to just own it."

"I would say actually wearing it on the day of the event. You never know what may go wrong, and it's really important to be prepared."

"Well, my favorite part is making the costume. The hardest part, though, is getting to the Con. When I first started, I would go with a friend because you can get some weird comments and looks while out and about."

"Definitely getting the proportions right for my body. That and planning how you're going to transport it, and making sure it breaks down and builds up correctly for travel."

"We both have a lot of trouble with repairs on the fly, as well as traveling."