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What Do You Think Is the Biggest Misconception About Cannabis?

Our favorite Portland looks this week.

Left: "I think the biggest misconception, or rather where misconceptions stem from, is that cannabis is not perceived as an herb and botanical. We've largely lost sight of the fact that cannabis is a plant throughout 80 years of prohibition." Right: "Ditto with that completely."

"I think the biggest general misconception about cannabis is that it's only for stoner bros."

"The biggest misconception I see as a dispensary owner is that it's a drug for leisure use only, and [users] are oblivious to the medical benefits. I'm a big advocate for medical-use legalization and more research conducted into cannabis as a health tool."

"I'd say most people see cannabis, and the way it is used, in a very singular way—to get high—while ignoring things like medicinal value, nourishment, fiber materials and its versatility when applied to different individuals. Sure, you can get high, but it also helps with anxiety, sickness, epilepsy and pain reduction concerning cancer and tumors."

"The biggest misconception about cannabis is cannabis. Basic understanding of the diverse ways cannabinoids actually work within our body's endocannabinoid system are in the early stages. And yet, the social associations and misconceptions around cannabis create a false sense of security that we know everything there is to know about this plant and how it's used."

"I'm involved with making cannabis topicals and low dose edibles, and the biggest misconception I run into is that people think they have to get high to experience health or therapeutic benefits. Topicals especially can help with pain and arthritis."

"I think a big one is that people think it kills your motivation. I don't think it really makes you any less motivated. If you want to be relaxed, cannabis can facilitate that. If you want to focus and work, it can facilitate that as well."