When Was the Moment You First Fell in Love with Portland?

Our favorite looks this week.

"It was right after I moved here from New York. I got a spot in Northwest Portland and was going for a walk. I passed by a gap between two apartments and saw a gorgeous view of the mountain. It was just so beautiful and different."

(Left) "The day I stepped onto campus, when I realized I wasn't in small-town California anymore." (Left) "The beginning of the year, when I started being able to photograph more and become involved in photographing local dancers here."

"The moment I left Oregon City hospital on a cold afternoon in 1988."

"I absolutely love the way streetwear manifests itself here. It's kinda nonchalant, but you can tell that people here really care about it and are contributing to the culture."

"I moved over here from California and didn't know anybody until I started hanging around shops like Deadstock Coffee and Index in Old Town. Everyone has been so welcoming since day one. Everyone is just so supportive. If you have an idea or project, everyone's got your back."

"I moved here from London to work for Nike, so it was more of a career thing than anything else. The moment when I was able to get my Jeep Wrangler here and actually drive it in Oregon was great for me."

"When they shut down the city for 0.025 inches of snow."

"The first time I drove through the gorge."

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