Five Truly Feminist Clothing Brands to Support on International Women’s Day

A large and growing percentage of mindful shoppers know that feminism must be intersectional.

In today's new feminism movement, you can't have a shirt made by cheap labor, slap "GIRL BOSS" across the front, and call yourself a feminist brand.

While many are getting away with that, a large and growing percentage of mindful shoppers know that feminism must be intersectional. They know a company should express its values from creation to consumption.

With International Women's Day coming up this week, here are a few companies that are doing just that.

Wear Your Voice

The online marketplace for Wear Your Voice magazine bills itself as offering "intersectional feminist T-shirts, tanks, lifestyle goods and much more," and it truly holds to that standard.

Its Power List unisex T-shirt is a part of WYV's Revolution campaign, whose stated goal is to "unify and amplify the voices of people at the frontline." All profits go to marginalized writers and creatives of color.

The names of the leaders on the titular "Power List"—which includes everyone from Eartha Kitt and Sojourner Truth to Ida B. Wells and Assata Shakur—are printed on shirts made in factories that operate in accordance with the Fair Labor Association Workplace Code of Conduct and are certified by Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production, an independent, nonprofit team of global social compliance experts.

These women are doing the work, and their 3,000-plus Instagram followers know it.

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Va Va Lingerie

One of Portland's own, Va Va Lingerie is changing the way women wear and think about lingerie. On its website and social media, you can see images of women of all shapes and colors relaxing, exploring, reading, even climbing trees in lingerie. Va Va recently released an organic cotton collection for maximum comfort.

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Dazey LA

Also taking an angle of the female gaze, Los Angeles-based Dazey LA recently released its "Highlight Real" collection, addressing the unrealistic expectations culture places on womxn. The collection features everything from an ultra-cozy sweater reading "I Am Enough" to an abstract tee that reads "Block the Bullshit." Dazey pieces are 100 percent cotton, handmade in L.A. with minimal waste, every time.

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Looking for a one-stop shop for products from women-owned businesses? If you recently saw an Instagram ad for Dough in your feed, then you know such a marketplace exists. You can search by categories like "Freshly Baked," "Subscriptions," "Earth Friendly" and more.

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Birdsong London is making waves that ripple worldwide. Aiming to connect women "from worker to wearer," the brand promises no sweatshops—and no Photoshop, either. You can find everything from tees with tasteful designs and statements to panther-embroidered knickers to burnt-orange jumpsuits. That particular Sanford jumpsuit, along with plenty of other Birdsong apparel, was cut and created by women in Limehouse and on Brick Lane. The Khadi fabric is made mostly by women spinners and weavers at a fair-wage facility in Gopuri in Central India.

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