Vincent Osborne
Age: 57
What does he make? Flashy, individualized airbrush designs on everything from your old Pontiac to your three-piece suit.

If you're among Drake's 60 million Instagram followers, there's a chance you've scrolled by the work of Vincent Osborne.

The rapper has rocked several of the Portland airbrush artist's designs, including a custom-made tribute to Tejano singer Selena. Drake is not Osborne's only famous client, either. He's painted a lion on a leather jacket for Katy Perry. He's done commissions for Marc Jacobs and Disney. He's even done ESPN commercials—NFL quarterback Matthew Stafford wore a T-shirt painted by Osborne, featuring a portrait of Stafford's face.

While such big-name projects jump off his résumé, what Osborne really enjoys doing is serving Portland. Along with the celebrity commissions, his charmingly outdated website also features a custom-painted motorcycle that acts as an ode to George Clinton and a longboard adorned with a hammer and sickle and the name "Vladimir" stretching across it in bold letters.

"I basically cater toward doing custom work and ideas that [my clients] enjoy having," he says. "Creating these ideas so that people can reach their visions, that's like a big thing for me."

Osborne spends most of his time doing commission work and collaborating with vintage clothing store PDX Laundry. Right now, he's preparing to start an educational program teaching the tricks of the trade. The curriculum will venture beyond art and into the business of making a living as an artist. He aims to have the program going by next summer.

"Whenever there's a venue that helps unite individuals in the community and puts positive images and ideas and thoughts in the conversation," he says, "it's good for the social environment." J