(Left) "Clothing that's three sizes too big." (Right) "Scented hangers."

"I'm actually not sure I can think of one. I'm generally pretty happy and appreciative of whatever I get during the holidays."

(Left) "One time my mom played a joke on me and just gave me a box of rocks and sticks for Christmas." (Right) "Definitely a fishing set when I was a kid. I hate fishing."

(Left) "A lump of coal in my stocking." (Right) "One of those remote control cars that only turns going backward, instead of the ones with the actual remote controls."

"Socks, for sure."

(Left) "I thought I was getting a Barbie for Christmas once, but I was utterly disappointed when my mom got me a knockoff Belle doll from Beauty and the Beast instead." (Right) "My worst Christmas gift was a children's Bible."

(Left) "A roadside assistance kit." (Right) A yo-yo."