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This 10-Year-Old Launched Her Own Line of Vegan Lip Gloss During the Pandemic. It Was an Instant Success.

“I’m the boss with the gloss. I can do anything!”

Ask Amira Ashley how she balances her busy life with managing her fledgling cosmetics brand, and she’ll let you know it’s no sweat for her.

“I’m the boss with the gloss,” she says. “I can do anything!”

Big talk for a 10-year-old. But the Vancouver, Wash., native is ready to back up her catchy mantra with tangible success. Ashley’s debut line of cosmetics, Boujee Vegan Girl (shopboujeevegan.com), launched mid-pandemic. Despite some well-placed motherly apprehension, the flagship line of scented, flavored, multicolored glosses quickly sold out.

“Everyone was super-excited to support me,” says Ashley, who credits her mother, Amber, as her primary inspiration. “I just love playing in my mom’s makeup, and she was getting tired of it, so I was like, ‘Well, I’ll just make my own.’”

Borrowing a page from her mother’s already established vegan cosmetics business, she branded her own line of youth-oriented lip glosses with flavors like Bubble Gum, Pineapple Poppin and Tangerine Tang.

Boujee Vegan Girl’s line of cosmetics includes a rainbow of sheer, glittery, flavored glosses, as well as a limited-edition set of lippies in shades of beige and brown suited for deeper skin tones but flattering across a broad spectrum.

“I just want it to be fun and very colorful,” Ashley says. “I want bright colors and a nice flavor.”

After selling out post-launch, the Boujee Vegan Girl site is now restocked and includes even more youth-oriented flourishes, like mini butterfly clips and a forthcoming shirt with her signature phrase, “I’m the Boss with the Gloss”

Ashley feels certain the brand will mature and transform alongside its founder, but her long-term goals are resolute.

“I just want to get my mom a Louis Vuitton,” she says, “and a pink castle.”