The Time-Based Art Festival is having a 1995-themed dance party. Here’s what to wear to show everyone you know the most about what happened in 1995.

1. Monica Lewinsky

Find a slinky blue dress at Goodwill and pick up a tube of Elmer's at the grocery store. Mix some glitter with the glue—Bill Clinton's semen is presidential, powerful and magical. Apply glitter glue to the dress.

2. Hootie & the Blowfish

Find a few friends and get them loose T-shirts and tribal necklaces. Pick the most popular person in the group, give him the biggest necklace and call him Hootie for the rest of the night. Everyone else should be referred to simply as "bro."

3. O.J. and Robert Kardashian

A great couples costume for you and your closest buddy. For Robert, give yourself a streak of white hair and carry a garment bag, with blood drops painted at the bottom. For O.J., get yourself a pair of tight gloves and say, "The Juice is loose!" when anyone asks you a question.

4. Ape with Ebola

Find a used and ratty-looking gorilla costume. Use cotton balls, painted red, and glue to create foamy blood coming out of the mouth. Don't feel like talking about world events any more? Remove the cotton balls, and turn into Amy from the popular 1995 movie Congo!

5. The Unabomber

Find a hoodie, sunglasses and a giant, disturbingly accurate manifesto about the evils of the digital world.

6. Paralyzed Superman

A great last-minute costume! Rent a Superman costume and a wheelchair. Done!

7. Hugh Grant and Divine Brown

Construct a car out of cardboard. Take turns being the person at the wheel and the other person who is…not at the wheel.

8. Powder

Make this one a pun! Cover your face in glue and rub it in baking powder.

9. Windows 95

Wear a collared shirt under a sweater and do a comically bad and slow job at every task you attempt.

10. Yolanda Saldívar

Find tinted glasses, a gun, a shirt emblazoned with "President of the Selena Fan Club," costume jewelry and a picture of Selena with a red X through her face. Make this a couples costume by having your significant other dress as Selena, with a gaping wound in her back and a very disappointed look on her face.

11. Braveheart

Don't wear pants, paint half your face blue, yell "Freedom!" every 20 minutes.

GO: The Time-Based Art Festival's Party Like It's 1995 is at the Works at the Redd, 831 SE Salmon St., 227-6225,, on Saturday, Sept. 19. 10:30 pm. $10.