October doesn't own horror, which the Hollywood Theatre makes abundantly clear with Queer Horror for the Holidays: the gift-wrapped, Dec. 22 iteration of its Queer Horror film series. Queer Horror is Portland's only film festival that actively unites the horror genre with the LGBT community, and it's the Hollywood's only consistent event that features live drag performances.

Event founder Anthony Hudson launched Queer Horror in March 2015 through a hearty collaboration between the Pacific Northwest College of Art and the Hollywood Theatre media residency program. Hudson explains: "The Hollywood and I loved it so much that we made it a regular program. Originally, they asked me to do it monthly, but I wanted to draw it out and really create a great series over a longer period of time by making it bimonthly. We want films with a strong queer presence in front, or behind, the camera."

Queer Horror for the Holidays will feature an assorted gift bag of films with light and dark material. The evening will showcase local, national and international filmmakers as well as material from resident artist Jason Edward Davis, who characterizes horror icons through gothic illustrations.

"We're featuring found-footage films, post-apocalyptic scenarios, Satanists, slashers, animation, documentary, a Barbie melodrama and even a killer toilet," says Hudson. "It's a last-minute holiday bazaar full of holiday-spiced shorts." And in case you're in more of a taking as opposed to a giving mood this year, the event includes a raffle.

Queer Horror for the Holidays will feature a pre-show drag performance as well as additional performances littered between film showings. Local drag queens Valerie DeVille and Wanda Bones will be presenting. Hudson, who doubles onstage as drag queen Carla Rossi, claims his alter ego may also make an appearance with a couple of Christmas numbers.

But rest assured, the content of this Queer Horror retains some obligatory holiday spirit, especially if 2016 politics have left you with a determined case of the heebie-jeebies.

"Carla may even be performing a Christmas number or two that should have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the election. Whatsoever," assures Hudson. SEE IT: Queer Horror for the Holidays plays at the Hollywood Theatre. 7:30 pm Thursday, Dec. 22. $9.